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Shana Tova Pronunciation (How to Pronounce)

L'Shana Tova. It is the most common greeting used by the Jewish people during the new year celebration. The Jewish new year named Rosh Hashanah will be celebrated in the month of October this year. In this article you can find out how to pronounce Shana Tova correctly. Many people want to know L'Shana Tova pronunciation. Below in this article you can find Shana Tova Pronunciation and wish the same to your family members and friends.
On the day of L'Shana Tova, it is considered that the first people on the Earth were born. Their names were Adam and Eve according to the Jewish mythology and Hebrew sayings. This day is considered of utmost importance in the Jewish community as on this day People greet others Shana Tova which means may you have a good year. On the day of Shana Tova people eat sweet food items like apple dipped in honey which is considered to bring happiness in the future of the people. The birth anniversary of Adam and Eve is also considered the beginning of the agricultural period. This means a new beginning to all the crops and thus a new beginning in the lives of the people.  For the year 2016, the celebration of Shana Tova will begin from 2nd October and will end on 4th October. on the day of Shana Tova people pray to their god for forgiveness for all the sins that they have committed. Below in this article you will find useful tips on how to pronounce L'Shana Tova correctly.

Shana Tova Pronunciation


L'Shana Tova Pronunciation


Pronounce Shana Tova

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shana tova pronunciation,L'shana tova pronunciation,pronounce shana tova how to pronounce shana tova

Shana Tova is one of the biggest festivals in the Jewish culture. On the day of Rosh Hashanah people greet each other with the greeting L'Shana Tova. People all over the world celebrate this day by praying for each other's wellness and prosperity. They ask god to forgive them for their wrong doings. Eating apple dipped in honey is the symbol of a sweet life ahead filled with happiness and good memories. The day of Shana Tova is also considered the birth anniversary of Adam and Eve. In the article above you will find correct ways to pronounce Shana Tova. I hope you enjoy this festival of apple and honey with your family and have a happy life ahead. L'Shana Tova.

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