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Shana Tova 2016 Songs,lyrics

The Jewish society celebrate their new year in the form of a popular festival known as L'Shana Tova. Shana Tova is one of the common greetings used for the eve of Rosh Hashanah which is the Jewish new year. On the day of Shana Tova people wish each other through Shana Tova song or Shana Tova Songs. In the article below you can find Shana Tova lyrics for the songs sang during the festival. Shana Tova marks the beginning of a new life for the Jewish people.

Shana Tova is the official wish for the celebration of the Jewish new year in the Hebrew community. The day of Shana Tova is considered of great importance in the Jewish religion as it is believed that on this day the first humans on earth were born.  People all over the world who follow Jewish religion celebrate the day of Shana Tova by eating sweet things like pomegranate and apple dipped in honey. Eating sweet things on the day of Shana Tova signifies people praying to their god for a happy and sweet life ahead.

The literal meaning of L'Shana Tova in English is may you have a good year ahead. The day of L'Shana Tova also marks the beginning of the agricultural period on earth. People celebrate this day by praying for a good and memorable life ahead and also ask forgiveness for their wrong deeds. In this article you will find some of the well known songs for the festival of Shana Tova.

Shana Tova Songs

Shana Tova Lyrics

Shana Tova song

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The songs in the article above are famous in the Jewish communities all over the world. The Jewish people celebrate their festivals with great enthusiasm. Shana Tova is celebrated as the day of birth of the human race in the form of Adam and Eve. Shana Tova songs are used by the Jewish people to wish each other a happy Shana tova and thus a happy life ahead. In this article you can find Shana Tova lyrics for the songs about Shana Tova. On this day people eat apple dipped in honey and pray for a prosperous life ahead. Celebrate the day of awe with your family by eating apple with honey. May you have a memorable year.

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